Meniscal Repair

Background and Rationale

Large tears through the outer, vascular meniscal rim can heal when stabilized.  This is performed through an arthroscopic suturing technique.


This is an arthroscopic procedure.  It takes 1 to 2 hours.  The meniscus is reduced to its normal position. The outer border of the graft is sewn into position with multiple vertical sutures. A counter incision on the outside of the knee may be necessary to tie down the sutures.


Outpatient procedure. Either immobilization or crutch-walking is recommended for up to 6 weeks.  Normal activities of daily living are achieved at 3 months.  Return to sports at 6 months post-op.


Healing rates are roughly 80%. Age, tear patterns and severity of the tear all affect the healing rate. A meniscal tear that is macerated are less likely to heal.